The Joy of Buying Costume Jewelry Wholesale

Inexpensive costume jewelry is all about quickly finding expressive ways everyday of bringing out your personal style – curiously-shaped little bracelets, dangly earrings that simply won’t last you to the end of the year, but will say something important about you with several of your outfits, a gewgaw that will make a statement about your sense of fashion by being the blending influence to your outfits. When you buy inexpensive costume jewelry, wholesale prices are the only way to make all that happen on a daily basis. You couldn’t possibly pay full retail on these and expect to be able to change your look everyday.

In your search for fun little bling, it can be difficult buying online with practically millions of designs available. What you need then is fashion advice that will point you the right direction so that you can buy with the minimum of fuss. Even if you don’t have a fair idea what it is you’re looking for, how do you find it online? You need to head for costume jewelry wholesale outlets that stock fewer designs, but make up for it with quality. You’ll find a great cheap jewelry to wear to parties, funny little baubles that will twinkle with fake diamonds, to pass out among your friends as gifts that’ll make them smile for a few days.

Of course, let’s not forget that men wear jewelry too. Men typically don’t wear costume jewelry; with them it’s all about bracelets, cufflinks and stuff to wear around sporting venues. It shouldn’t typically cost more than $50 whenever you buy them. But back to the women now. One of the best costume jewelry wholesale websites out there is Bling Jewelry. But there are many others like it. Earrings and necklaces for ladies under $40, discounts on jewelry that are even more wonderful than that, goldplated jewelry in 14 carats that go for less than $20 – you have deals like this all over the place buying online. Websites like these carry remakes of antique jewelry from centuries ago to make wonderful gifts at weddings and anniversaries. Cheap costume jewelry on the antique theme can also make great keepsakes.

European Bling is a store for costume jewelry online that gets great designs from Eastern Europe. For instance, Celtic Triple Goddess Black Onyx earrings that come done up in an ancient European theme are for less than $30. And there are African designs to be had for under $40. Not only do you get all of this ready-to-buy out their catalog, you can get them at wholesale prices, and they feel like they’re worth much more than they really are.

Dazzle Around With Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a very rare piece of jewelry? It is an instinctive for women to let out “oohs” and “aahs,” when they see the jewelry they craved for. The most wonderful part of their behavior is, how they react when they see their friend flaunting the necklace, they have dreamed of possessing. They look all happy when they see it, but in the back of their minds, they might think, how to buy the necklace and wear it next time. Leaving the psychology of women aside, there are other serious issues to be resolved. The major issue that women face today is how to procure wholesale fashion jewelry, and that too cheap. Is this article being too gender based? Well, sorry! There are men who prefer wearing ear-rings and thumb rings (it is the IN fashion, actually). These are generally made of metal or plastics, which are cheap enough to be bought without contacting a wholesale dealer, but you can get a still cheaper bargain, if you go for a wholesale deal and procure items directly from the manufacturer.

You can get wholesale fashion jewelry very cheaply, if you are willing to negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Manufacturers are, basically, at the bottom pedestal of business, as it is always that they sell their jewelry to a wholesale dealer. The manufacturers can give you a bargain that you can’t resist. They usually don’t know the market price for their product, so they often end up underestimating their product, and give you at a cheaper price. On further bargaining, you will find that, you can get your stuff at the same price that the manufacturer charges from the wholesaler. The advantage of such extensive shopping is that you end up with wholesale fashion jewelry, which is way cheaper than what you get from branded outlets. The cycle is very vicious, as the wholesaler who procures the items from the unsuspecting manufacturer, always ends up selling the jewelry to retailers at double the price. The retailers, then, put on their tags and marks, and hike up the prices, to meet their standards. This is not only in the case of jewelry, but it happens in almost everything, we buy.

The trends of people keep on changing with each day. This means that if they have to keep up with the trend, they have to keep on buying jewelry. Well, you can always do that if you buy cheap jewelry and this will help you keep in stride with your friends. There are many jewelry forms that are trendy as well as cheap. For e.g., jewelry made of leather, beads, plastics and aluminum, etc., don’t cost much. This is where you can score with your fashion sense, because it is not necessary that by wearing costly and branded jewelry, you will look good. You can look good with cheap jewelry as well, if you have a good fashion sense. Wholesale fashion jewelry is not mythical creatures of the past. They are real, and anyone can afford it, if they shop well. Shopping is a science, which yields results when done correctly and that is what required. If you want precious metal jewelry to adorn your neck with, and can’t afford it, there are other alternatives as well. Nowadays, there are jewelers who come out with jewelry electroplated with precious metal and studded with semi-precious stones, which are way too cheap and better looking than costlier ones. Wholesale fashion jewelry is for those, who want to keep up with the fashion trend, and do not want to stay behind due to money shortage. So, flaunt and dazzle.

Bargain Diamond Engagement Rings

The term “diamond engagement rings” elicits feelings of expense. And that is as it should be. Fine jewelry is symbol of wealth. It can be affordable but never cheap. It is made from precious metals whose prices are set on international financial markets and are transparent for the world to see. Diamond prices are held artificially high. So if the price of diamond jewelry seems too cheap, beware!

To make sure you do not get scammed, try to calculate what is likely to be too cheap and what, an affordable bargain. Avoid cheap diamond rings at all costs. Never be tempted by flashing signs claiming genuine diamond rings at only $100. There is always a mark-up and when this is taken into consideration, you may be looking at a ring which cost around $20-$25.

For this price, the metalwork will be thin, with every possible weight saving trick employed to cut down on the gold content. The shank will be hollowed out, the gold quality will be 10k at best and the diamonds will amount to only a couple of points in total. And look for optical tricks which will reflect the diamonds to make them look larger and more substantial, such as tiny diamonds claw set into a much wider silvered channel.

Is this really the kind of diamond engagement ring you want to buy for your future bride?

However, it can be difficult for the average consumer to categorically distinguish between a genuine bargain and something that is just too cheap. This is why you must make sure you compare like with like.

Online shopping is a great way to do this. In fact the ease of comparing prices makes the internet the perfect place to buy fine diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. Make sure you determine the nature and purity (platinum, 22k, 14k, 10k gold, 925 silver etc) and weight of the precious metal included in each piece.

Next compare the size and quality (clarity, color, cut) of the diamonds. Be aware that a single 1ct diamond will cost very much more than a selection of small diamonds totalling 1ct. This is because it is much harder to find larger carat weights of diamonds and they are correspondingly expensive. However some jewelry outlets continue to focus on the overall total carat weight (ctw) of the diamonds in the piece. This can be very misleading, especially if the actual carat weight of the main stone is not detailed separately.

Diamond rings are not cheap, so do not expect them to be! The internet is a perfect place to do your homework in comfort. Make sure you are comparing like with like when determining which piece is the best bargain. Buy only from reputable jewelers and never be tempted by cheap rings!

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Let’s face it, we all want to look good but not break the bank. So whether your favorite jewelry is heart pendant necklaces or diamond tennis bracelets you can get the look without emptying the pocket book.

The new buzz word for shopping seems to be “wholesale.” Now the wholesale deal you may see may be retail so be careful. All of us have made the drive to the outlet mall just to find stereo systems that cost thousands of dollars. So, make sure you are getting a great deal by checking other stores both online and offline.

Have you ever considered the pawn shop? If you haven’t you really should. High-end pawn shops have a vast selection of jewelry and deeply discounted prices. You may also be helping someone in need by buying their jewelry at the pawn shop.

The mall often gets a bad rap when it comes to jewelry but don’t disregard stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and H&M that have jewelry under $5. Yes, that’s less than that Starbucks in your hand. Now that’s a good deal.

Online stores such as, and specialize in discount jewelry. Most of these stores have modern day fashion trends and discounted prices so you won’t be looking at jewelry styles from another generation.

Finally, the big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart need to be on your list. You will find both great deals and modern styles so what can be better than that?

Now you are ready to look hot for that next party or first date. Just remember that you do tend to get what you pay for so discount jewelry won’t last forever. But, if some cheap jewelry helps you land that next job or significant other who cares?

Electrical Outlet Safety

Avoidable injuries associated with children tampering with electrical outlets is something everyone with kids in the house should be concerned with. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that 2,400 kids a year are taken to the emergency room for injuries associated with electrical receptacles…seven children every day! If you think you’re home is safe, consider the fact that 70% of these injuries happened in a home where their parents said the same thing.

Readily available household objects toddlers find to insert: – 32% are hairpins – 17% are keys – 12% a finger – About 10% are things like screws, pins, nails and wire – 11% while playing with plugs – 8% are never identified – 5% are staples or paper clips – 3% are simple tools such as tweezers, files or knives – 1% are belt buckles or jewelry

INJURIES CAN BE VERY SERIOUS Almost 95% of injuries, according to CPSC, involve burns. The degree of injury varies but too many result in serious and at time fatal consequences. Even minor injuries can leave emotional trauma. Because the skin is thin on young children, burns become very serious as it offers little resistance to heat or electric flow so burns are deeper and scaring is more severe.

Plastic outlet covers are common for parents with infants and toddlers in the house. Although they cover the socket holes, they are easily removed by children and therefore not as safe as parents would hope. The safest solution would be to install tamper resistant outlets. These newly designed receptacles so effective in preventing childhood injuries that the 2008 National Electrical Code now requires tamper resistant outlets to be used for all new home construction.

TAMPER PROOF OUTLETS WORK SMARTER Tamper proof outlets are the same size standard as conventional wall outlets with a built-in shutter system that protects children from electrical current when inserting foreign objects into the receptacle. The shutter mechanism is spring-loaded and only allows the flow of electricity when pressure is applied equally and simultaneously to both shutters in the case of an electrical plug When the outlet is not in use, both shutters remain closed, placing a barrier between the electricity and a child’s probe.

TAMPER PROOF OUTLETS IN OLDER HOMES Installation is so easy and affordable that they are being used in older homes as well. The tamper resistant outlets fit in the standard outlet locations so installation and retrofit in older homes is easy.

TAKE THE TIME – ITS WORTH IT This one act can help you avoid preventable home injuries caused by electrical outlets. Make a safer environment in your home for you and your child. Install tamper proof outlets—you will never regret it.

The updates took effect with the 2008 NEC, and municipalities and states have to adopt the Code. NEC Article 406.11 states that all 125-volt. 15 and 20 amp outlets shall be listed as tamper-resistant outlets. The Code applies to new homes for single and multi-family construction